Dentures/ Partials

With proper care your dentures and/or partial dentures will give you many years of service. There are a few instructions you should follow:

Research show your gums and bone will be healthier if exposed to the environment for 8 hours per day. This means you should leave your dentures or partials out at night and keep them moist while they are out of your mouth. You can soak them in denture cleasner or plain water.

Brush your dentures daily with a soft toothbrush. Liquid dishwashing detergent is a good cleanser. You may also mix a small amount of bleach with water to remove stains on full dentures, but do not use bleach on partials with metal.

Fill your sink 1/2 full with water while cleasing them. Hold your dentures over the sink so they will fall into the water if you should drop them. If you drop them in a dry sink or on the floor chances are very good they will break.

There is no charge for adjustments to your dentures or partial for 6 months after they are delivered.
Please call for an appointment.

You will need to be patient while getting used to your new appliance. Practice talking with them in front of the mirror. Eventually the muscles in your mouth will become familiar with them and they will feel more comfortable. When eating at first, try cutting your food into small pieces and chew on both sides at the same time.

Your gums and ridges go through many changes, especially after you have recently had teeth extracted. You may eventually have to have your dentures or partials relined or even remade, depending on the amount of change your mouth goes through. This normally happens withing the first year or two if this is your first denture. In the following years this change will be more gradual.