Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me on my first visit?
Please bring any paperwork from our office filled out completely(information may be filled out on our website at our Forms & Policies page), your insurance card(s), picture ID, a list of medications, and copay due at check in. You will also need to bring all X-rays, MRI's, CT scans, etc. if not performed at Imaging Center, Houston Medical Center, or perrry Hospital.

What Insurances do you participate with?
Our practice participates with most insurance companies. It is up to the patient to ensure that we are participating providers with your insurance. If we do not participate, payment is required at the time of service.

Kinnebrew Orthopedics files all primary and secondary claims. Most claims are filed electronically. Patients can expect to receive notification from their insurance within 15 - 30 days. Secondary claims are filed only once. if no payment is received from the carrier within 30 days, any balance remaining will be the patient's responsibility.

How may I pay?
Our practice accepts cash, money orders, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and debit cards as well as personal checks. Payment plans can be setup for balances other than copays as well as discounts for accounts paid in full. Please feel free to contact our Billing Department with any questions or concerns, we will make every attempt to assist you. 478-971-1165.

What does my fee cover?
For surgical patients this covers each evaluation by the MD/PA up to 90 days post op. The patient and/or insurance will be responsible for any supplies used and x-rays performed for each visit.

For fracture care this covers each evaluation by the MD/PA up to 90 days. The patient and/or insurance will be responsible for any supplies used (cast material, etc.) and x-rays performed for each visit.

All other services the patient and/or insurance will be responsible for each visit including any supplies/injections/x-rays.

What is my financial responsibility?
Insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company. We do not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company regarding copays, deductibles, non-covered and denied services. You will need to contact your insurance company to determine what is and not covered.

If you have...

You are responsible for...

Our staff will...

Commercial Insurance
Also known as Indemnity, regular insurance, and/or 80%-20% Plan

A minimum of 20% of the total services rendered will be due at the time of service.

Submit your claim for you. Assist in any precert or preauthorization necessary. Collect all payments that are due following your visit.

HMO, POS, PPO plans with which we are a participating provider.

If the services you receive are not covered by the plan: All applicable Copaysand Deductibles are required at the time of service.

Submit your claim for you.

** If your insurance requires additional information from the insured (e.g. another insurance plan, accident information, additional forms such as referral claim forms, student status or other) then it is the responsibility of the insured to provide that information in a timely manner to properly process insurance claims, otherwise the financial responsibility will be that of the insured.

What if my child needs to be treated?
A parent or legal guardian must accompany patients who are minors (under 18 years of age) on the patients first visit. The accompanying adult is responsible for payment of the account, according to the policies outlined above. We do not get involved in divorce disputes.

Are medications available for purchase?
Only workers compensation medications available at this time.

How do I get a refill on my medication?
Contact our office for refills during the hours of 8 - 5PM Monday through Thursday and 8 - 1 PM on Friday. Please follow the directions given on the refill line allowing 48 hours to process. NO refills after office hours or on Saturday or Sunday.

How will my medical information be used?
In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, our office has developed a "Notice of Privacy Practices" which explains how we may use and disclose protected health information about you. This "Notice of Privacy Practices" is available at our receptionist desks for you to read at your request.